The Tree Frog That Can Lay Eggs In Water And On Land

July 8, 2020 0
The tree frog Dendropsophus ebraccatus utilizes a strange form of parental plasticity that is almost unique in the animal kingdom. These parents can deposit their eggs in either terrestrial or aquatic habitats. This is extremely […]
Animal Reproduction

Pregnant Males: Seahorses and Pipefishes

June 24, 2020 0
A certain level of sex-role reversal is observed in insects, amphibians, and birds, but nowhere is it more clearly developed than in the seahorses and pipefishes. In these species, males get pregnant and give birth […]
Animal Parenting

Can Males Lactate?

June 17, 2020 1
It is physiologically possible for males to lactate! As we know, the female investment in almost all animals is much higher than that of males based solely on the value of eggs versus sperm. However, […]
Dr. Carin Bondar
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Sex & Monogamy: My Interview on Sciencentric

May 13, 2020 0
Sex pervades everything, every aspect of our lives. Check out my interview with Eric from Sciencentric about what humans can learn about sex from animals, whether humans were ever designed for monogamy, and more. Back […]
Animal Reproduction

When His Courtship Display Attracts Predators

March 4, 2020 0
Predation is a common aspect of life for most members of the animal kingdom. It’s difficult to concentrate on wooing a partner with a courtship display when one’s life is at stake. Unfortunately, the showy […]
Animal Reproduction

Female Orangutans Test Males By Stealing Their Food

January 29, 2020 0
Male orangutans can be extremely coercive and violent towards sexually receptive females. It makes a lot of sense for a female to do her homework and investigate the personality type of a particular male prior […]