TV Shows

World’s Oddest Animal Couples (Netflix Canada)

Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World (Discovery, Science Channel and National Geographic)

Outrageous Acts of Science (Science Channel, Seasons 1 to 4)

Worlds Weirdest Farms: Funny Farms (National Geographic Wild)

Worlds Weirdest: Extremities (National Geographic Wild)

Badass animals (National Geographic Wild)


Web Shows

WILD SEX (Seeker – Animated)

Wild Sex (Earth Touch)

DNews (Discovery Digital)

Sex Bytes

Science Music Video Parodies

Adventures in Biology

The Mating Grounds podcast with Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller

Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria

Best of the Blogs (Scientific American)

Behind the Headlines (Science Alert)

TWIST (Science Alert)

PsiVid (Scientific American)


Book Tour NYC – September 2016.  Various venues including TEDxSalon Manhattan, GenSpace, StoryCollider, Scientific American, YouTube, LiveScience, NPR and The Lopate Show.

National Speakers Bureau ‘Engage’ event (09/2016)

The Nature of Sex – University of the Fraser Valley (11/2015)

DNews after Dark – San Francisco (10/2015)

The Nature of Sex:  The Annual Dean’s Lecture in Science at Ryerson University – Toronto, Ontario (10/2015)

Science, Sex and Storytelling: The Art of Effective Communication.  Max Planck Institute for Ornithology – Munich, Germany (09/2015)

The Nature of Sex, Springer MacMillian – London, England (09/2015)

Wildscreen Panda Awards – Bristol, UK. (10/2014)

Wild Sex – Canberra (8/2014)

Wild Sex – Adelaide (8/2014)

Wild Sex – Hobart (8/2014)

Space Oddity – Sydney (8/2014)

Space Oddity – Canberra (8/2014)

I Fucking Love Science Live – Toronto (9/2013)

I Fucking Love Science Live – Sydney (8/2013)

I Fucking Love Science Live – Townsville (8/2013)

TED Global – Edinburgh (6/2013)

University of Maryland (2013)

Arizona Science & Astronomy Expo (2012)