Looking for a homeschooling or tutoring boost for your high school SCIENCE student?

Welcome to Science Class with Dr. B!

Renowned science communicator Dr. Carin Bondar (Adjunct Professor, University of the Fraser Valley) is offering online tutoring sessions this fall in biology and environmental science.

You may recognize her from her many seasons on Outrageous Acts of Science, or perhaps on Brave New World with Stephen Hawking on National Geographic.

In addition, Bondar’s books and online series about animal behaviour have been watched over 130 million times!

Dr. Bondar’s teaching style is guided by her diverse audiences – she has a knack for breaking down complex topics into their basic ideas. She would be a great tutor for students with a passion for biology and nature, for those that would benefit from learning their school material in a new way, and students who struggle with these topics and need extra support to fully understand.

Parents who are anxious about homeschooling higher-level sciences, or about missed time from last year, can have the help and support of an expert.

Individual or partnered sessions of just one to two students ensure that each and every student receives customized assistance and instruction.

Each session is personalized to address topics required in the Provincially standardized curriculum for each grade level – taught in an entertaining, interesting, and interactive way.

Dr. Bondar’s diverse experience in educating and entertaining is sure to inspire your future scientists!

Cost: $40 per student, or a combined session with two students for $60

Choose from Science 10, Biology 11/12, Anatomy & Physiology 11/12, Earth Sciences 11/12, Environmental Sciences 11/12, or Geography 11/12.

Sessions are one hour and are conducted entirely via Zoom.

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One Hour Tutoring Session For Two Students:

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