Animal Parenting

Grandparents And Their Impact Based On Relatedness

November 10, 2021 0

We’ve talked extensively about the importance of grandmothers. Do grandfathers contribute to their collective fitness in a parallel way to their female counterparts? So far all the data suggest that they do not. This is […]

Animal Parenting

Maternal Grief In Primates

October 20, 2021 0

The continued carrying and care of deceased infants is a clear and well-established pattern of behaviour that occurs across many primate species. What is more difficult for us to understand are the emotional correlates of […]

Animal Parenting

Mistaken Moms and the Misdirected Care Hypothesis

October 6, 2021 1

First-time moms may be more likely to allonurse newborns that don’t belong to them because they lack the experience and knowledge of multiparous or older moms. This situation is described by the misdirected care hypothesis, […]

Animal Parenting

Gelada Baboon Mothers Carry Their Deceased Infants

September 29, 2021 1

Gelada baboon mothers have been observed to carry their deceased infants for extremely varied amounts of time – less than an hour to over forty-eight days. The mother who carried her infant for the longest […]

Animal Nutrition

Milk-Stealing Offspring and Allonursing

September 22, 2021 0

Some newborns can take milk from moms other than their own. In these cases, it’s important to discern whether the mom has a hand in mistakenly identifying an allosuckling pup for her own pup, or […]

Animal Parenting

Male Killer Whales Are Mama’s Boys

September 8, 2021 0

Adult male killer whales are the world’s biggest mama’s boys. Literally. Matriarchs strongly protect their adult sons, keep them free from agonistic interactions with other groups or individuals, and make sure that they get enough […]