cuckoo bird

March 6, 2019

Brood Parasitism

Brood parasitism is a parenting strategy in which birds do not brood their own eggs or tend to their own offspring once those eggs hatch. The eggs are deposited into the nests of other females of a different species. Shutterstock Brood Parasitism Success Strategies Unfortunately there isn’t really a “bright side” for host moms. Parasite chicks often employ strategies that render them more successful than the host mom’s own chicks. They may push host chicks
food pyramid
Do Humans Really Need A Food Pyramid? Humans are introduced to the food pyramid at a very early age. It tells us the approximate percentage of fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains, and meat we should eat. Now, the food pyramid has been replaced by the food plate. Are we so far gone as biological entities that we need professional intervention to remind us to eat a balanced diet? A general survey of the food-related illnesses that
Parasitic infections are an unfortunate part of life for most animals, humans included. Without the (unnaturally sterile) human standards of hygiene, our primate cousins contract parasites much more commonly. Humans treat parasitic infections with vaccinations or medications. Treating roundworm, hookworm, pinworm, and tapeworm involves differential toxicity. The drugs we take are toxic to our bodies, but more toxic to the bodies of the parasites. This makes them an effective treatment for parasitic infections in human
Wild Sex on Valentines Day

February 14, 2019

Wild Sex On Valentines Day

Can you think of a better way to spend Valentines Day? This morning I was in Vancouver on Breakfast TV to talk about “romance” in the animal kingdom. We discussed stickleback fish, foam nesting tree frogs, orangutans, and nudibranchs! Mike Lloyd has obviously been paying attention to my posts on social media, since he sent in a tweet asking about the extremely well-endowed barnacle! The past couple weeks I have been sharing some wild sex
coral broadcast spawning
Broadcast spawning is a form of sexual reproduction used by many aquatic invertebrate animals. Billions of gametes (the combination of sperm and egg) are spewed into the surrounding environment of the ocean. Shutterstock Most of these animals are either sessile or they move very slowly. Sessile means they are fixed to the ground in either a burrow, shell, integument, or some other kind of casing that prevents them from moving around. Adult movement is not
Dr Carin Bondar Wild Moms book event
On a spectacular sunny May afternoon, we held a private luncheon at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. The gathering was in celebration of my new book and animated series –both called Wild Moms, and it was generously put on by both by publisher Pegasus Books and my production company Seeker. I really wanted a low-key, fun event with delicious food and tons of kid-friendly activities, and this is exactly what we
Expedition video series
I travel a lot for all of my amazing adventures in Biology – and I’m often taking my phone out to capture a fun little expedition video and some photos along the way. I decided to make a series of short videos showing you some of my ‘behind the scenes’ shots that don’t necessarily make the big TV production or media coverage. This is Dr. Carin in her happy place – enjoy! « Prev1 /