After years of considering making an online course, I finally did it with Wild Sex 101!  I actually enjoyed the process of making the course far more than I thought I would.  One of the things that I loved most about it was getting to curate my own content, and simply talk about it in my own words with my favorite examples.   Shutterstock I made the course with the general public in mind. You
Mothers Day is a great day to celebrate your mom, people who held a mothering role in your life, or your own motherhood. Mothering in the animal kingdom can be dramatically different compared to the way human moms care for their children. While we do have some things in common, there are other aspects of motherhood that we do very differently. This Mothers Day, imagine what life would have been like if your mom was
european badger mothers share infant care
In the case of European badger mothers, they share infant care by raising infants in a group. Each mom will have something slightly different to offer. This can be a buffer against maternal stress. Credit: Shutterstock When mothers are really stressed, the levels of stress hormones in their milk is accordingly high. These glucocorticoids have negative impacts on infant physiology and behavior. In addition, stressed mothers may fail to perform maternal tasks. Things like licking

April 24, 2019

A Course on Sex

Minnesota readers and followers, would you like to take a course on sex and biology? You should seriously consider signing up for a new biology course offered by Dr. Robert Denton this summer at the University of Minnesota Morris. The course is Biology 1008, titled “The Biology and Evolution of Sex.” My book Wild Sex will be one of the books that students in this biology course will be reading! I am honoured to have
bat moms and young

April 17, 2019

Bat Moms and Lactation

As the only flying mammals, bat moms find themselves in a unique situation when it comes to lactation. Credit: Shutterstock Bat mothers need to provide milk to their offspring. Bat mothers also need to fly to forage sites and find food for themselves. A heavy load of milk has a substantially negative impact on a female’s ability to fly. It makes sense for bat moms to get rid of excess milk prior to heading out.
Have you had a chance to read Wild Moms yet? May is fast approaching, and with it comes Mothers Day – a day to celebrate moms, mom-figures, and motherhood. What better way to celebrate than by exploring motherhood in all forms across the animal kingdom? Check out this section of a blog post on Scientific American reviewing the book: “The human mother-child relationship is just one small slice of what nature has ordered up over
meerkat queen offspring
In cooperatively breeding mammals such as meerkats (as well as naked mole rats, and several social primates) there is a dominant breeding couple – the king and the queen. Other members of the group are subordinate, and do not sexually reproduce. Instead, they help the dominant couple to raise their offspring and work to retain the favor of the meerkat queen. How does a certain female become the meerkat queen? In meerkats, unlike many other