University of the Fraser Valley Science Communication Liaison

The Dean of Science at the University of the Fraser Valley has appointed me as a science communication liaison – how exciting!

University of the Fraser Valley

The University of the Fraser Valley is a degree-granting institution with over 15K students. I will be working with all departments in the Faculty of Science and doing some incredibly interesting projects.  

Many of you have been asking for another music video…and we’ve got one coming your way! If you haven’t seen any of my music videos yet, catch up on them on my YouTube Channel!

I will look for interesting, unique science-based tales to tell from the faculty and students. I plan on doing some outreach events in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Any chances of having a few classes about chromosomes, & there abnormalities. Such as Klinefelters Syndrome? As there are 1 in 500 males born with ks every year. I have ks kayotype 47xxy, just wanted to raise awareness of this. Thanks

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