My EnviroTech Talk

I love speaking at conferences like EnviroTech where I’m an outsider – that is, my field isn’t directly related to the conference at hand.  I think it’s actually VERY beneficial for everyone to be the ‘naïve expert’ in the room at one point or another. What I mean by this is that I don’t mind being the person who asks what may be considered ‘Beginner level’ questions about a certain topic – how else are you going to learn?  

Dr Carin Bondar at EnviroTech

In this way, people from diverse backgrounds can learn from the expertise that each brings to the table.  My talk at the EnviroTech conference was about evolution and the modern (human) mom – and how humans are truly the only species that is both the engineer and the guinea pig in our own evolution.  

I enjoyed the chance to attend EnviroTech and speak on Canadian turf. My talks generally take place in any number of exotic locations across the world.

Dr Carin Bondar at EnviroTech

Please take note any Canadians reading this – are you looking for a speaker?  Hit me up! I want to see more of our great country!

Dr Carin Bondar at EnviroTech

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