Wild Moms Book and Series – Mother’s Day Event

On a spectacular sunny May afternoon, we held a private luncheon at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. The gathering was in celebration of my new book and animated series –both called Wild Moms, and it was generously put on by both by publisher Pegasus Books and my production company Seeker.

I really wanted a low-key, fun event with delicious food and tons of kid-friendly activities, and this is exactly what we managed to pull off! It was a very proud day for me, and I was so thrilled that my own children and my mom were there with me.

Huge thanks to Pegasus, Seeker, the awesome staff at the Aquarium of the Pacific, Andrea Meyer, Dena Mintz, Pawel Wojcikowski, Cat Elrod, Matt Morales and Natalia Reagan. What a team!

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