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I’m Carin – a biologist, writer, and philosopher. My life is an eclectic combination of science communication, global adventures, lecturing, writing, and presenting.

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  • bat moms and young
    Animal Parenting

    Bat Moms and Lactation

    As the only flying mammals, bat moms find themselves in a unique situation when it comes to lactation. Credit: Shutterstock Bat mothers need to provide milk to their offspring. Bat mothers also need to fly [...]
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    Free Sample of the Book Wild Moms

    Have you had a chance to read Wild Moms yet? May is fast approaching, and with it comes Mothers Day – a day to celebrate moms, mom-figures, and motherhood. What better way to celebrate than [...]

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allomothering and adoptive mothers
Animal Parenting

Adoptive Mothers In The Animal Kingdom

March 13, 2019 1
When a non-biological mother takes over complete care of an orphaned infant, it represents a great commitment. Biologically speaking, it doesn’t make sense for a mother to provide an abundance of care to an unrelated […]
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