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I’m Carin – a biologist, writer, and philosopher. My life is an eclectic combination of science communication, global adventures, lecturing, writing, and presenting.

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  • explosive breeding frogs
    Animal Reproduction

    Male Frogs, Explosive Breeding, and Necrophilia

    Many frog species exhibit something called explosive breeding. This is essentially a short breeding season wherein there is intense male:male competition for mates. Often, many males will attempt to court the same female. The females [...]
  • Animal Reproduction

    Mating Plugs: The Chastity Belts of the Animal Kingdom

    Mating plugs are found in almost all groups of animals, from tiny nematodes to some of our closest primate relatives. Due to the often-contrasting needs of males versus females, the behavioural and physiological strategies with [...]

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Animal Reproduction

Sexual Cannibalism

October 23, 2019 2
Sexual cannibalism represents perhaps the most extreme form of conflict between the sexes. This kind of behaviour is observed in several species of praying mantids and spiders, and there is tremendous diversity in the extent […]
Animal Reproduction

What Is Traumatic Insemination?

October 9, 2019 1
Traumatic mating has evolved repeatedly in several animal phyla. It is most common among arthropods – invertebrates with exoskeletons. Many kinds of behaviours fall into the general category of trauma, starting with those that involve […]
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