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I’m Carin – a biologist, writer, and philosopher. My life is an eclectic combination of science communication, global adventures, lecturing, writing, and presenting.

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  • Animal Nutrition

    Teaching Offspring How To Forage

    From birds to lizards and mammals, parents put effort into showing their offspring how to forage effectively. That is, how to obtain nutrition while maintaining a balance with other activities in accordance with optimal foraging [...]
  • Animal Nutrition

    Ants Farm Aphids For Their Honeydew

    and on his farm he had an aphid, ee-i-ee-i-o Photo via Adobe Stock Humans have perfected the art of farming. We have learned to create beautiful, healthy crops of fruits, vegetables, and meats to feed [...]
  • Animal Parenting

    Can Animal Moms Get Postpartum Depression?

    Although it’s impossible to simply ask another primate mom to explain how they are feeling and whether they may be depressed, we can infer that yes, animal moms are vulnerable to the effects of PPD. [...]

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Kin Recognition Among Animals

July 15, 2020 0
Humans are remarkably non-biological when it comes to kin recognition. Members of our species, at least those of us who aren’t identical twins or who don’t look a lot like their relatives, are faced with […]
Animal Reproduction

The Tree Frog That Can Lay Eggs In Water And On Land

July 8, 2020 0
The tree frog Dendropsophus ebraccatus utilizes a strange form of parental plasticity that is almost unique in the animal kingdom. These parents can deposit their eggs in either terrestrial or aquatic habitats. This is extremely […]
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