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A selection of my recent credits:

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July, 2011: Biomusings featured in The Guardian (UK).  Episode #2 and Episode #5.

June, 2011:  My website is named a finalist in ‘The Scientist’s Labby Awards’

April, 2011: My interview and podcast with John F. Taylor at The Reptile Living Room about Fear of Snakes.

March, 2011: Guest blogger at Scientific American: Reflections on Biology and Motherhood

February, 2011:  My post on kinky earwig sex is published in the yearly blogging anthology ‘Open Laboratory 2010‘

November, 2010: Featured contributor to National Geographic Inside Wild blog post about crayfish cannibalism.

November, 2010: Guest blogger at Scientific American: ‘Apple, meet orange – why are we approaching biodiversity conservation from such different viewpoints?‘

September, 2010: Featured guest on ‘Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour’ on TWIT Television network.

September, 2010: Featured contributor to National Geographic Inside Wild blog post about alien crayfish invasion.

April, 2010:  Blog featured on ‘Daily Planet’, Discovery Canada.



July, 2011: Guest appearance … Read More »

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