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Artificial Insemination – How’s a Girl to Choose?

Posted on December 14th, by Carin in Carin's Books, Carin's Paper Pick 'o the Week. 1 Comment

Upon first consideration it might seem somewhat un-natural for a human female to attend a sperm bank for the purposes of propagating her genetic lineage.  Yes, the natural sex part is removed from the equation; however, when it comes to the selection of a donor she can be choosy with respect to several physical and behavioral characteristics like race, physical health, and even the IQ of the male with the winning seed.  In a perfect world we would all define the most important characteristics for our mates, find mates with said characteristics and procreate in order to obtain offspring with said characteristics.  However, reality in the natural world is harsh, whether you are human or otherwise, and sometimes things just don’t work out optimally.  In organisms where multiple males compete and copulate with a single female (polyandrous sexual system), females … Read More »

The Crowded Buffet: Wait or Settle?

Posted on December 2nd, by Carin in Carin's Books, Carin's Paper Pick 'o the Week. No Comments

I’m not a huge fan of the ‘all you can eat buffet’.  I find it akin to a bunch of humans pulled up to the feeding trough plowing through as much as they can as though their lives depend on it.  It’s the crowding that I don’t like, the lineup of people at the prime-rib station, drooling as their cut of meat is hefted onto their overstuffed plates.  I think that my behavior at the buffet is directly correlated to the number of people are lingering around a specific area.  If I had the place all to myself, I would be more inclined to hit the hot ticket items; however, when it is busy and the best parts have been completely picked over it is probably best to explore the other available options.  Optimal foraging theory (OPT) predicts that when … Read More »

He’s Having a Baby!

Posted on November 21st, by Carin in Carin's Books, Carin's Paper Pick 'o the Week. No Comments

It’s a common topic of conversation among new (human) mothers:  how our population would cease to exist if males had to bear the children.  The physical costs (including a 9 month gestation, followed by giving birth to a 6-10 pound live young) are extremely daunting and may not be as readily undertaken even if the physiology of the human male permitted it.  It doesn’t end there.  The duties of lactation and child care are generally responsibilities of the female parent, and such tasks involve a great deal of time and energy that could otherwise be spent creating more offspring to represent us in future generations.  Human males seem to have it pretty good: biologically speaking they, like the majority of males in the animal kingdom, contribute little more than genetic material to their offspring.  Although it may at first seem … Read More »

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