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Jumping the pond…

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Well – it’s been a very long time since I’ve traveled beyond the confines of North America.  Since I’ve become a mom I’ve massively limited the amount of time I spend abroad doing various projects – choosing to stay closer to home with projects in Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York and North Carolina.  Well – that’s about to change – one week from today I’ll be heading off to South Africa.  The reason I’m going is to shoot a web series on one of my very favorite topics – odd and quirky reproductive strategies.  I’ll be working with producers at Earth Touch films, and we’re going to be covering a whirlwind of topics during my two week stay.  Can we say 20 episodes in 12 days?  Sure we can!

The series should debut later this year, with weekly episodes available via Earth Touch.  Make sure you subscribe to my instagram feed if you’re interested in seeing how this ridiculous adventure unfolds!

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