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This Week’s Cool Biology Job: Sea Otter Population Ecologist

Posted on November 18th, by Carin in The latest news.... 5 comments

Imagine looking at these little faces every day…

The USGS is seeking a Sea Otter Population Ecologist and Modeler.  This is a permanent position located in Santa Cruz, California.

Minimum Qualifications: Candidates must have expertise in some field(s) of Marine Sciences related to the ecology and/or population biology of sea otters. They will be ranked on the following criteria:

1. Ability to conduct, interpret, and analyze data from field studies of sea otters using modern telemetric techniques and focusing on questions regarding population dynamics and factors limiting population growth.

2. Ability to conduct, interpret, and analyze data from field studies of sea otters utilizing telemetric and/or bio-logging instrumentation to address questions regarding food-web interactions, diet and behavior.

3. Ability to apply quantitative modeling techniques to address questions concerning the behavior and demography of sea otters, including the development of spatially explicit and predictive population models.

4. Ability to contribute to and participate in inter-agency technical committees convened to address specific questions on conservation and management of sea otter populations.

To apply
: go to The Vacancy announcement # is PAC-2011-0052.

Good Luck!


5 Responses to “This Week’s Cool Biology Job: Sea Otter Population Ecologist”

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  2. ashley o. says:

    Otters are one of the most prettiest sea animals ever! (:

  3. MikeH says:

    they are THE animal to be in the next life…love them. Wish the successful applicant all the best “counting otters for a living!!!” :)

  4. Tommy says:

    They are so cute. I know that when a male and female mate, the male holds onto the females snout for 3 days. What is that called?

  5. Claire says:

    i am very interested in many animals, but these animals are very adorable. It is great to see them floating in the water and bobbing up and down. They are magnificant animals and i am very keen to find out about them. Who couldnt resist them. cya later.

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