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BIOMUSINGS Episode 3: ‘Finding’ that Special Someone

Posted on November 23rd, by Carin in BioMusings. 4 comments

As if finding a mate in the animal kingdom wasn’t tricky enough!

Drs. Ulrika Candolin and Jan Heschele at the University of Helsinki are examining the effects of eutrophication on the sexual selection of stickleback fish in the Baltic Sea – a phenomenon that is giving a reproductive advantage to all the wrong males.



BIOMUSINGS with Dr. Carin Bondar – Sticklebacks Episode from Matthew Hawkins on Vimeo.


All BIOMUSINGS episodes are produced in partnership with my guru producer friend, Matthew Hawkins. Matt has a ton of cool videos on his site – check them out!

4 Responses to “BIOMUSINGS Episode 3: ‘Finding’ that Special Someone”

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  2. Willow says:

    Gorgeous. You, my dear, are a star!

  3. [...] BIOMUSINGS Episode 3: ‘Finding’ that Special Someone [...]

  4. MattK says:

    Looks great. Good production value, and a good explanation.

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