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Coming soon…my first book!

Posted on March 3rd, by Carin in Carin's Books. 2 comments

So…the manuscript is with the editors, the illustrations are nearly done. Soon you’ll be able to get your hot little hands on my very first book! ‘The Nature of Human Nature’ is a light-hearted look at where the human animal fits in (or doesn’t) to the animal kingdom. I look at behaviors of the Homo sapien that seem counter-intuitive from a ‘survive and reproduce’ standpoint and place them into context with those of other animals.

My boys at What Box Studios are finishing off the individual cartoon for each of the 60 topics, and then it’s off to the printers for the whole shebang! How very exciting!

Piqued your interest? Here’s another sneak peek…
Party of One

Please Note: All material is copywrited…enjoy but don’t copy k? thanks :)

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  1. Laurie says:

    Carin I am so excited to see this! When does it hit the press? How soon can I get a copy?

  2. This is really an interesting website!

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